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R-Three was a recording project founded by Rhett Redelings and Brad Steffen and was active from roughly 1997 to 2007.
Because it was a project (not a band), the lineup shifted over time depending on circumstances and the needs of the music.
Everything we recorded was ambitious. Some of it was even good.

You can still get R-Three music on iTunes (must have iTunes installed)

Contributors included:
³ Rhett Redelings - lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, samples, theramin, production
³ Brad Steffen - keyboards, programming, bass, guitar, occasional lead vocals
³ Bob Gaut - drums, production
³ Erich Tisnado - bass
³ Peggy Gill - support vocals
³ Elspeth Golden - support vocals
³ Britt Daniels - bad weather guitar
³ Matt Aaron - violin